Speak with confidence with SpeakLab

SpeakLab helps you make great communication and presentation skills a strategic advantage

Speak with confidence with SpeakLab

Why SpeakLab


    Our courses are based on principles from top sports, and combines knowledge from a number of subjects. The scheme has been tested for over 10 years on everything from school students to professors and top managers.


    We focus on your strengths, and help you become clear and distinct. The goal is for you to be at your best when you communicate and present.


    Great communication, and presentation is about skills. These skills can be strengthened through insight and practical training. This is what we offer in our courses.

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We have been working for 10 years to develop methods for you to be heard

We ourselves have been in difficult and demanding situations, aware of the uncertainty. Why do you get through sometimes, other times not? Through our courses, you get tools that work, no matter where they may be.

  • Siri Lill Mannes

    Siri Lill Mannes

    Siri Lill is Managing Director and Founder at SpeakLab. She has 20 years of experience in televison news. Siri Lill covered international top stories as a reporter, and then anchored the evening news at Norway´s TV2 for more than a decade. In recent years, she has moderated more than a hundred conferences on a range of topics, from energy and security to rocket science, politics and finance. Language: English and Norwegian.
  • Arne Møller

    Arne Møller

    Arne Møller is Chief Development Officer and Founder at SpeakLab. Arne is a physiotherapist with a specialisation in voice training. He is also a former professional footballer and has the highest coaching qualification from the Norwegian Olympic sports organisation, Olympiatoppen. Language: English and Norwegian.

Recognize yourself in a quote below?

Then we have a course that is just right for you

I need better structure in my communication.

I want to be heard and lack efficiency and impact.

I need help to cope with the stressful situation.

I dare not use my voice among people.

I need more authority and struggle with good meeting management.

It is difficult to arouse enthusiasm and motivate the audience.

Our courses

Your lab for communication and presentation skills

SpeakLab is a course and competence center for how to become great communicating and presenting. Our courses combines knowledge from journalism, voice research, dramaturgy, movement theory and top sports. Our goal is for you to be able to quickly create and hold presentations that hit the audience.

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    See our free introduction to what characterizes good communication and presentation

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    Take courses that are tailored to your needs and skill level, online or in person.

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    Go through further training in communication, get guidance and use the skills.

  • Be safe, and be heard in large and small gatherings.