Speak with confidence

SpeakLab offers courses in presentation skills. We also provide moderators and hosts for live events and online productions, including Siri Lill Mannes.

Speak with confidence

    The SpeakLab Method is a systematic training system, based on principles from elite sports. The method combines knowledge from many disciplines. It is tested for over 10 years on thousands of participants, including professionals, students, scientists and CEOs.


    We focus on your strengths and help you develop your presentation skills. The goal is for you to speak with power and confidence in front of an audience.


    Good presentation is about skills. These skills are trainable and can be strengthened, through both theory and practice.

Boost Camp Instructors

  • Siri Lill Mannes

    Siri Lill Mannes

    Siri Lill is Managing Director and Founder at SpeakLab. She has 20 years of experience in televison news. Siri Lill covered international top stories as a reporter, and then anchored the evening news at Norway´s TV2 for more than a decade. In recent years, she has moderated more than a hundred conferences on a range of topics, from energy and security to rocket science, politics and finance. Language: English and Norwegian.
  • Arne Møller

    Arne Møller

    Arne Møller is Chief Development Officer and Founder at SpeakLab. Arne is a physiotherapist with a specialisation in voice training. He is also a former professional footballer and has the highest coaching qualification from the Norwegian Olympic sports organisation, Olympiatoppen. Language: English and Norwegian.
  • Vidar Hansen

    Vidar Hansen

    As a police officer, Vidar Hansen constantly met people unwilling to speak. Through his career on the streets and as an interrogator he developed special skills in understanding body language. Before quitting the police, Vidar together with his partner received the Police Award for their professional achievements. Vidar will teach you how to understand the silent language: Everything people say, without words.
  • Ove Sjøstrøm

    Ove Sjøstrøm

    Ove has extensive experience as a journalist in TV, news papers and digital media. During his time in TV2 he covered both domestic and international news. He has worked as a reporter across the globe, often in challenging conditions like war zones and catastrophe areas.
  • Eirik Del Barco Soleglad

    Eirik Del Barco Soleglad

    Eirik is an actor, director and comedian. He has participated as an actor and director in over 60 different productions at Norwegian theater institutions since his debut in 1997. He has previously been nominated for the Comedy Award for both revue and Stand-Up, and won the Norwegian theater association's award Rampeløkten for his many years of work with theater and improvisation