Siri Lill Mannes has hosted more than a hundred conferences on a range of topics, in both English and Norwegian


Do you need a moderator or host for your next live event or online production? Our moderators are journalists with experience from local to international level. We can help you with meetings, debates and conferences in English and Norwegian.

Our moderators

  • Siri Lill Mannes

    Siri Lill Mannes

    Siri Lill is Managing Director and Founder at SpeakLab. She has 20 years of experience in televison news. Siri Lill covered international top stories as a reporter, and then anchored the evening news at Norway´s TV2 for more than a decade. In recent years, she has moderated more than a hundred conferences on a range of topics, from energy and security to rocket science, politics and finance. Language: English and Norwegian.
  • Arild Sondre Sekse

    Arild Sondre Sekse

    Arild has a broad background from leading positions in broadcast news and TV-anchoring, corporate communications and branding, and culture-building in large organizations. He is an experienced conference moderator and especially enjoys engaging with people in creative workshop-based environments. Language: English and Norwegian.
  • Arne Møller

    Arne Møller

    Arne Møller is Chief Development Officer and Founder at SpeakLab. Arne is a physiotherapist with a specialisation in voice training. He is also a former professional footballer and has the highest coaching qualification from the Norwegian Olympic sports organisation, Olympiatoppen. Language: English and Norwegian.
  • Renate Nedregård

    Renate Nedregård

    Renate is a journalist and writer, with experience as a news reporter for TV2 and NRK. She was also head of production for the award-winning tv-series "The cost of war." In 2012, the series won the prize as The World´s best international documentary. Renate moderates debates and conferences, and has worked extensively on climate change, the environment and the green shift. Language: English and Norwegian.
  • Thomas Henschien

    Thomas Henschien

    Thomas is an experienced tv-journalist and news anchor and former Head of the TV2 News Channel. He is also an experienced moderator with many international assignments. Thomas is a course instructor and lectures on business communication. Language: English and Norwegian.


Previous clients include: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, DNV, Equinor, Norwegian Armed Forces, The Research Council of Norway, The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), The Civil Aviation Authority, Norwegian Shipowners'​ Association, Norwegian Digitalisation Agency, NTNU, Skagen Funds, University of Oslo, University of Bergen, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, and Finance Norway.

  • Siri Lill Mannes moderating a live event and online production
  • Siri Lill Mannes hosting an online conference for The Civil Aviation Authority