Courses in presentation and moderators and hosts for live conferences or online productions

About us

SpeakLab offers courses and training in presentation skills. We also provide moderators and hosts for live conferences and online productions.

Arne Møller is Chief Development Officer and Founder at SpeakLab. Arne is a physiotherapist with a specialisation in voice training. He is also a former professional footballer and has the highest coaching qualification from the Norwegian Olympic sports organisation, Olympiatoppen.

Siri Lill Mannes is Managing Director and Founder at SpeakLab. Her background is in national television. She started as a foreign desk reporter and anchored TV2´s evening news for more than a decade. Siri Lill has moderated over a hundred conferences, live and online. She holds a Master degree in history from the University of Bergen.

Together, Arne and Siri Lill have developed the SpeakLab Method for presentation training.

  • SpeakLab offers courses in presentation
  • SpeakLab offers courses in presentation

The institute

SpeakLab is located at Nygårdshøyden, right in the heart of Bergen. Here we run courses, make videos and produce digital broadcasts.

  • At the SpeakLab institute we offers courses in presentation.
  • SpeakLab have digital courses