Body Language
Location1-3 hours

Vidar Hansen
Vidar Hansen

Want to find out if someone is lying? Want to know how to make a good first impression? Your body is conveying a message, despite your lack of words. Vidar Hansen has many years of experience as police officer. He is an expert at reading and translating body language, and will tell if you are lying. The knowledge he shares can benefit you privately or in you career.

Location1-3 hours

Is this for me?

This course is relevant for everybody who works with people, especially when you want to find out how someone actually feel about something.

About the instructors

  • Vidar Hansen

    Vidar Hansen

    As a police officer, Vidar Hansen constantly met people unwilling to speak. Through his career on the streets and as an interrogator he developed special skills in understanding body language. Before quitting the police, Vidar together with his partner received the Police Award for their professional achievements. Vidar will teach you how to understand the silent language: Everything people say, without words.

  • Fantastic Vidar, you made an indelible impression on the participants at the Media Conference in Gothenburg, they are still talking about you, thank you very much!

    - Trine Vik
  • Thank you for a wonderful lecture that engaged the students including myself. Impressive, professional and entertaining at the same time!

    - Adreas Gullesen Mossige
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